We are pleased to invite you to the NANS 21st Annual Meeting—the world’s largest meeting in the field of neuromodulation! The 2018 meeting offers opportunities for networking with colleagues, hearing state-of-the-art lectures, and discovering the newest and upcoming advances in devices in our exhibit hall.

With participants from more than 20 countries, NANS is the premier meeting in the world to capture the latest advances in the science and practice of neuromodulation.

The theme of the NANS 21st Annual Meeting is “Expanding our Minds.” Over the past 2 decades, advances in neuromodulation have continued to accelerate. The brain in particular has been at the forefront of progress in research and clinical arenas.

Clinical frontiers of brain neuromodulation touch upon movement disorders, psychiatric diseases, sleep disorders, cardiac/autonomic regulation, and pain. The science of neuromodulation now includes sophisticated materials, advanced imaging and technologies, noninvasive brain modulation, and brain-machine interfaces. The NANS 21st Annual Meeting celebrates these advances.

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