About 20th Pharmacovigilance 2019

20th Pharmacovigilance 2019 Conference provides the strongest context, background, updates, new developments, and future direction for regulations and guidance on safety, pharmacovigilance, and risk management strategies that cannot be found in any other meeting.

The content of this event is developed by top experts from the biopharmaceutical industry and global regulatory agencies, and Virtue Insight will convene the best speakers from around the world to discuss the current challenges and issues that matter most to professionals working in the field.

The present review described Pharmacovigilance and drug safety in India. Challenges related to Pharmacovigilance program, roles of physicians/health professionals as well as role of public/patients for successful monitoring are discussed herewith as nowadays, in India a safety of medicines is one of the key parameters along with therapeutic efficacy for the success of any drug as ever-increasing range and potency of medicines.

A successful Pharmacovigilance program related to drug safety should be able to answer the key questions. How quickly has the case been identified? As well as what proportion of patient has successfully monitored collectively by a doctor, Pharmacist/health professionals.

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