About 2nd World Congress on Biotechnology

We Invites all the Researchers, Scientists, experts, scholars, delegates, sponsors, and graduates to attend, symposia, lectures, workshops, and presentations “2nd World Congress on Biotechnology” which is going to be held during October 25- 27, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany. The highlights includes
1. Biotechnology and Bio Process Engineering
2. Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Biotechnology
3. Food biotechnology and Nutritional biotechnology
4. Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology
5. Animal Biotechnology
6. Environmental Biotechnology
7. Stem cell Biotechnology
8. Pharmaceutical biotechnology
9. Medical Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
10. Industrial biotechnology and fermentation techniques
11. Nano Biotechnology
12. Biochemistry
13. Reproductive Biotechnology
14. Genomics and Proteomics
15. Genetic Engineering and rDNA technology
16. Applied Biotechnology and Microbiology
17. Cell Biology and Immunology
18. Bioinformatics and Biosensor
19. Bioproducts and Bio Energy
20. Advancements in Biotechnology

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Frankfurt, Germany
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