About 44th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology

The theme for the 44th Annual Meeting is “Transborders: Toxicology beyond Disciplinary Boundaries.” Customarily, toxicology has been viewed as a domain fusing together a variety of related but different fields in today’s highly interdisciplinary society, encompassing, for example, agriculture, basic medical sciences and clinical medicine, pharmaceutical science, safety assessment science, and many others.

To support the further advancement of this domain, it is vital for the toxicology community to very quickly take in the latest information from research in related fields and new technologies. Roughly half of the members we selected for the symposium planning committee are scientists and scholars from disciplines which we have never dealt with before. In addition to hosting activities undertaken in our past meetings, such as seminars on food and health open to the general public, lifelong education lectures, special lectures, educational lectures, general lectures, poster sessions, and presentations by outstanding young scientists, we will also hold symposiums combining other disciplines with toxicology.

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