About Plus91 Technologies

Plus91 Technologies is a Healthcare Technology Company. We not only create but also implement the healthcare platform which includes:
Electronic Medical Records
Laboratory and Hospital Information Management Systems
Disease Management Systems
Disease Surveillance Systems
Healthcare Analytics and
Healthcare Marketing products.

Our products are used by Clinics, Labs, Hospitals as well as Wellness Organizations. We sell directly to Private organizations as well as to state and nationwide rollouts for Ministries and NGO’s.

We strategize and manage Digital Marketing Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Healthcare value chain stakeholders.

For over 10 years Plus91 Technologies has built Healthcare IT Products and Projects and supported Digital Marketing Services. Our core team of technology consultants, developers, testers, project managers and designers have extensive experience in understanding Healthcare requirements and mapping them to technology paradigms.
About Plus91 Technologies
Plus91 Technologies and its Leadership is considered influential in the Digital Health IT space and as a result, is seen as a leading innovator internationally. We have been active in India, Middle East, Africa, and the United States.

We love to collaborate with local stakeholders and improve healthcare delivery systems all over the world.

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