About AMP EUROPE 2018

The emerging field of precision cancer medicine, in which the use of molecular data at the point of care directly impacts patient treatment and clinical decision-making, has already had a substantial, direct clinical impact on many aspects of medical oncology. The introduction of large-scale genomic technologies at the point of care has catalyzed discoveries in translational oncology and is driving new research that aims to dissect selective responses to targeted, immune-driven therapies and to chemotherapies, as well as identifying novel targets for which therapies are now in development.

However, precision cancer medicine remains a promise rather than a solid and robust reality. Although the molecular landscapes of many cancers have been revealed using precision oncology approaches, many of the alterations observed in patients remain undruggable, and viable targets are incompletely characterized. In this conference we will discuss and address current advances, challenges and ignite solutions for the advancement of precision medicine.

Recent Advances in Cell Free DNA
Evolution of Liquid Biopsies in Clinical Practice
Breakthroughs in Immunotherapies
Emerging Biomarkers and Their Role in Disease
Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities
Multi-omic Approaches to Disease
Quality & Harmonization: QC, PT and Reference Materials

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