About BIOTECNICA 2019 – Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry Exhibition

Biotechnology means the whole of the technologies; which are used for developing microorganisms of plants, human being and animals, for generating extremely new or rare materials and nonexistent products by using DNA technology and utilizing engineering branches like mechanical, electrical and computer engineering besides the Life Sciences including biology, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry.

Biotechnology makes use of biological systems and processes to manufacture useful products and provide services for all concerned industries.

BIOTECNICA Eurasia is an excellent platform which covers advanced technological products and services in all fields of Life Sciences.

Biotechnology professionals who supply advanced technology and special services for life sciences in different industrial fields come together at the “one and only” exhibition of Turkey, ”Biotech Eurasia” in İstanbul.

The key players of biotechnology industry will wecome the sectoral professionals from all concerned sectors of Turkey and the neighbouring countries and exhibit their advanced solutions, products and know-how at Biotecnica Exhibition.

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