About China International Medical Device Regulatory (CIMDR) Forum

China International Conference on Medical Device Supervision and Management (CIMDR) was founded by China Food and Drugs International Exchange Center (CCFDIE) in 2010 International Medical Device Regulations Forum. The purpose of the meeting is to promote the promotion of China’s medical equipment regulatory policies and regulations to promote international medical equipment regulatory and review departments of the exchange of experience and cooperation between the norms of business order, and promote business and government and business exchanges, promote new technologies Standards and technical results of the application, in order to further improve the safety and effectiveness of medical equipment.

After seven years of history, “CIMDR” from the initial “Hundred Talents will” for today’s “thousands of people event” to become the industry’s unique congress.
“CIMDR” has led the popularity and development of China’s medical device regulation and regulations, witnessed the international concept of the new concept of success, strengthen and promote cooperation and exchanges with the international community.

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