About CVC Kansas City Convention

Here are the 5 real reasons that you can’t afford to miss CVC Kansas City.
1. Brain food
You’re usually the smartest person in the room. And when you’re not, you’re soaking up the know-how. (So you can be the smartest person in the room tomorrow.) 80+ expert veterinary educators will deliver 500+ sessions.
2. Wellness. (Yes. Yours!)
You need training for the marathon of a career in veterinary medicine. And at CVC Kansas City, you can start your recovery from perfectionism and imposter syndrome.
3. Clinical coaching
You can actually practice soft tissue surgery, dental extractions, and other clinical skills.
4. Mo money, honey.
The team team is united again: Drs. Roark and Nicol make you laugh AND solve the problems keeping you up at night at the the Management Happy Hour.
5. A break
You deserve 4 days away. You need the time to breathe and remember why you love your job. You need to talk with colleagues to keep your perspective.

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