About Diabetes Congress 2020

We invite the worldwide audience, Speakers, Doctors, Young Researchers, and Presenters to participate in the “Diabetes Congress 2020” which is going to be held on March 23- 24, 2020 London, UK.

The two days conference includes Keynote Presentations, Speaker talks, Poster presentations, Workshops, Corporate grandstands/demos, and videos. Diabetes Congress 2020 aims to provide an opportunity to share knowledge, exchanging ideas about it and thus, contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in management and prevention of the disease for the benefit of the diabetes research.

Diabetes Congress 2020 conference along with 300+ Conferences across USA, Europe & Asia every year with support from 1000 more scientific societies and publishes 400+ Open access journals which contain over 3000 eminent personalities as editorial board members.

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