About Hydrocephalus 2018

Hydrocephalus is an important clinical problem affecting patients of all age and involves the accumulation of excess fluid within the brain that can be life threatening for some and produce devastating neurological effects in others.

This annual meeting is the largest worldwide dedicated to research into hydrocephalus and related disorders relevant to all with a dedicated interest in the hydrocephalus and intracranial pressure


To provide a forum for the presentation of high quality, original scientific work in the field of hydrocephalus and CSF disorders
To provide a specialist forum for discussion of advanced Neuro-imaging techniques in the field of hydrocephalus and CSF disorders
To encourage research to improve outcomes and enhance CSF shunt survival in paediatric and adult CSF disorders
To provide an educational program to increase the understanding of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus by Physicians and Allied Healthcare Professionals
To provide a forum for exchange of best clinical practice recommendations for Hydrocephalus Nurse Specialists (Adult and Pediatric)
To promote exchange of innovative ideas in the field of CSF shunt engineering
To increase the understanding of hydrocephalus and related disorders by doctors in training
To promote the exchange of clinical, practical and scientific information and ideas in the field of Hydrocephalus and CSF disorders
To provide delegates with an opportunity to network with colleagues
To enable participants to keep up to date with industry research and developments

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