About Indonesia Dental Exhibition & Conference (IDEC)

From 15 – 17 September 2017, embraced modern science and technology for the future Indonesian dentistry at Indonesia Dental Exhibition & Conference (IDEC). The show will gather thousands of dental professionals to experience the latest technology solution that will influence the future of dental practices.

Indonesia is home to approximately has 27,781 dentists, with over 5,000 dentist and 118 hospitals & dental clinics are based in Jakarta. In addition, there were also 25 dental universities and institutions with 8,000 new dentist graduating across the country are ready to serve the future dental market.

IDEC offers great opportunities to meet, networking and do business with the right people in one place, with its 3-day scientific conference featuring localized educational content and 3-day exhibition that brings over 200 local and international manufacturers and distributors together. It’s the right platform to provide needs of increasing Indonesian dental market.

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