About Infection Prevention 11th Annual Conference 2018

It will be our pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the Infection Prevention Society conference #IP2018 to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, 30th September – 2 October 2018.
At this IPS Conference leading experts in their field will present on the latest current and emerging threats and state-of- the-art research to help improve your team, your practice and your patients’ / clients’ outcomes.

There will be a comprehensive series of presentations, meet-the- expert sessions and specialist streams of: wound care, paediatric care, mental health, audit / surveillance and international engagement. Also, there will be one-day conferences dedicated to Infection Prevention in Care and at Home and for the first time Infection Prevention and Antimicrobial Resistance. (Delegates attending the main conferences will also enable entry to these specialist days).
Thought-provokingly and in a departure from previous years we will present the first ever Infection Prevention Show #IPShow2018.

This exciting event on the 1st October will provide a platform for showcasing the latest innovational technologies and products. The audience will be able to interact with experts and personalities whilst learning of the exciting possibilities offered by these latest innovations.
Your Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) has prepared this conference in furtherance of the IPS Mission Statement: No patient is harmed by a preventable infection. Secondly, the programme has direct relevance to your practice; you will have learning opportunities that will motivate and inspire you to consider how your local infection prevention and control programmes could be modified to improve care and reduce infection risks.

Finally, the conference is designed with you in mind. All presentations are mapped against the IPS competences to facilitate your personalised-development and career progression.
This is an exciting, educational and practice-enhancing conference. On behalf of the IP2018 SPC we look forward to seeing you along with your colleagues from around the globe and welcoming you all to Glasgow.

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