The Indian market for health IT offers particularly good opportunities, with an estimated volume of 2.5 billion USD (Deloitte). High-tech infrastructures for state-of-the-art clinics in big cities as well as remote medical applications that ensure medical care in remote countryside regions are included in this, among others.

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA- India’s No. 1 trade fair for hospitals, clinics and health centers, promises to serve as a perfect platform and offers a plethora of business opportunities for healthcare professionals to meet, engage and network with participating companies, delegates & speakers.

In terms of content, the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2017 included the following areas and many more: Medical products and medical technology, laboratory technology and diagnostics, equipment and furniture for clinics and health centres, products for physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as health IT and mobile health solutions.

Target Groups:
Doctors (surgery), practicing physician
Dentists, dental surgeons, dental technicians
Doctors (hospitals, health centres, sub-centres other medical establishments)
Physiotherapists, ergotherapists
Hospital directors/-managers
Hospital administration managers and staff
Biologists, microbiologists, bio-chemists, chemists, process engineers
Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for rehabilitation aids
Visitors with medical pharmaceutical vocational training (e.g. medical laboratory assistant, technician, doctor’s assistant, nurse, carer)
Visitors from industry/manufacturer
Visitors from academies and universities
Visitors from government or international agencies and associations

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