About Moscow MedShow

The Moscow MedShow 29-30 September 2017 is the only specialised B2C exhibition in Moscow that brings you into direct contact with potential Russian patients. Our highly targeted marketing and promotions attract a high quality visitor actively seeking information and consultations on medical treatment abroad.

Our venue is central, convenient and the size perfectly suited to a professional B2C exhibition. We provide a standard shell scheme stand that offers the opportunity for decorations, privacy when speaking with potential clients and alleviates the need for expensive custom build stands.

The Moscow MedShow is an effective professional B2C exhibition that will bring you into direct contact with your target audience – affluent Russians looking for Medical treatment abroad.

The Moscow MedShow is a highly concentrated exhibition designed to provide International suppliers with an opportunity to meet directly with a specific audience looking for medical treatment outside of Russia. It provides an opening for our participants to promote their services and make in-depth initial contacts with future patients. Sector targeted advertising ensures high quality visitors specifically looking for information on treatments abroad, all in a calm professional atmosphere.

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