About Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Tenth Annual Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development is an essential international gathering of analytical and formulation scientists from leading industry companies, offering an exchange of scientific developments and emerging technologies in an environment that encourages discussion with colleagues.

For 2018, the conference focuses on a set of best practices for resolving key formulation development challenges. Each talk in the program will be presented by a different industry or academic group to ensure the widest possible range of perspectives.

This important annual congress kicks off the weeklong PepTalk Formulation & Stability pipeline, which also includes separate meetings on Lyophilization and Drying Technologies and Protein Aggregation. By attending, you may also participate in the full set of eight PepTalk pipelines, including three-meeting sets on analytics and impurities, process technologies, protein engineering, antibody therapeutics and more.

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