Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) was established in 1978 as part of an effort to achieve recognition for the medical transcription profession. In the beginning, the association focused on educating medical professionals about what medical transcriptionists do and how their work affects the quality of health care. When the U.S. Department of Labor granted medical transcriptionists their own job classification in 1999, it was an important milestone to getting the work recognized as much more than clerical. In 2012, AHDI adopted a new title—healthcare documentation specialists—to reflect the broad and extensive responsibilities and services they provide in the creation of accurate and comprehensive patient care records.

MISSION: AHDI continues to lead, educate, and advocate for professional excellence and integrity in healthcare documentation policies and practices.

VISION: We envision a future where optimal healthcare delivery and outcomes are facilitated by complete, accurate, and timely clinical documentation to convey patient health stories. 800-982-2182, 209-527-9620

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