Shanghai Doha Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a global business community platform and information provider headquartered in Shanghai, China. The company mainly provides professional business and management consulting services for foreign-funded enterprises that have already entered or planned to enter the Chinese market and domestic enterprises that are interested in exploring the international market. The core of the company is to develop and operate various industry and field conference projects.

In January 2015, Dubai's business conference business stood out in the industry with its exquisite conference quality and service, and became the first batch of “Shanghai Conference Management and Service Compliance Organization”.

The core service of the company is to independently develop and operate various industry and domain business meetings and platforms, gather business leaders from all over the world, and establish professional industry communities and re-develop while discussing strategic development and policy hotspots. And application. At present, the platform is mainly composed of offline conferences including international summits, regional forums, seminars dedicated to local markets, and small but highly targeted masterclasses. This form focuses on face-to-face information exchange and sharing and establishes direct business relationships between professional communities. However, with the launch of the mobile Internet application business based on customer needs, it's business scale will develop from the traditional borderline to the borderless online field.

The industries that Dusit focuses on include automotive and remanufacturing, heavy equipment, high technology, insurance, investment, leasing, dairy products, functional foods, financial technology, medical care, compliance & risk, and antitrust.

malitoevents@duxes.cn +86 21 5258 8005

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