Entraine Pvt. Ltd.

Entraine’s holistic approach, strategic business activity, world class venues, in depth experience and innovative leadership makes it one of the most important business Intelligence organizations in the world. Constituted in 2011, every year it organizes and hosts congresses and shows that cover the economy's main sectors, as well as numerous technology conferences.

As a business facilitator, it is one of the best platforms for business, international exposure of companies, product marketing, networking and knowledge exchange.

It supports business growth across different sectors & industries through cutting edge innovative platforms with our market research and vast potential leads, thereby establishing Entraine as a main channel of growth for professionals and entrepreneurs. In order to face the challenges of globalization and anticipate market demands, it combines organizational experience, innovation, technological development and competitiveness. We create new events related to emerging sectors, ensure excellent service and organize value added activities.

info@entraine.com 44 203-769-6622

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