In 1999 a group of geriatricians met to promote the concept of a society whose aim would be to to develop geriatric medicine in all of the European Union countries and encourage the provision of geriatric medical services to all older EU citizens. It would promote education, continuing professional development and high quality evidence-based geriatric medicine.

Every physician who is a member of a national society is a member of the EUGMS (joining member). Other joining members include physicians who are specialists in geriatric medicine but not necessarily members of national societies or, indeed, working in a EU country.

The EUGMS has close links with a variety of networks in Europe including the UEMS Geriatric Medicine, IAGG and the European Academy for Medicine and Ageing (EAMA). They hold an observer status on the Full Board in order to promote mutual collaboration, understand complementarity of roles, and avoid unproductive competition and limiting waste of scarce resources. EUGMS fosters good relationships with other political and professional organisations dealing with health-related problems in older people within and outside Europe. The EUGMS and AGS maintain a close and fruitful relationship. 43 (0) 1 9346766 500

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