We go back to the beginning. Where Jaarbeurs started. Founded in 1916 to promote trade and industry and thus stimulate prosperity. Now almost 100 years later, this ideal is still the foundation of Jaarbeurs. As we put together for us in daily.

We inspire, motivate and activate the trade by creating valuable encounters. With this we connect people and markets, traders and producers. Because that is our strength. We are much more than just an exhibition, a place or a space.

We bring people together and help them to get in touch with you. With your ideas, the knowledge you have and the products or services you offer. With us you are central. We provide a stage. Focus on you. Full in the spotlight.

We do this by putting ourselves to you and your industry. By building relationships and forming partnerships. We listen to you and your needs. Let's see opportunities and to offer unprecedented opportunities. We are always there for you.

We offer the inspiration that creates new insights. With us you are stimulated. With us touch full of energy.

So we make a positive contribution to development and the development of the Dutch economy. So we make sure that you are seen and that your business moves.

info@jaarbeurs.nl 030 295 59 11

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