About Shaping the future of Pediatrics

Shaping The Future of Pediatrics Congress will be held from 20 to 22 September, 2017 in Rome. More than 400 participants will join this international event!! The congress will be focused on innovation in pediatrics and dedicated to pediatricians, patients and parents, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts about technology.

The conference is organized in four sessions dedicated to major themes:
Omics and personalized medicine
Big data and digital integration
The patients and participatory medicine
The innovation cycle in pediatrics

Five reasons to attend the conference:
1. to practice the tools that pediatricians, researchers and patients will be using in 10 years
2. to understand the value of data in pediatric care
3. to learn about collaboration models between pediatricians, families and patients, and developers
4. to move from theory of innovation to practice examples
5. to understand how ethics is relevant to innovation in pediatrics

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