Club Transatlântico

The Transatlantic Club was founded in 1954 with the concept of being the meeting point of the German community. It conquered its first official seat in 1955, in a palace in style neoclassical in the Street 13 of May, where it remained during 36 years.

The history of the Club had a great connection to the name Transatlantic, in a symbology to the cultural, social and spiritual link between nations, offering society great events. The early seventies reflected on the life of the Transatlantic Club . The foundation of renowned companies, the numerous visits of leaders of major industries, presidents of associations and entities, deputies and journalists have led to a considerable enrichment of Brazil - Germany relations .

Several businessmen started to use the beautiful facilities of the Club, to hold their events, bequeathing to their leaders the responsibility of finding a new venue to enlarge their physical space. (11) 5181-8600

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