Oshwal Religious Centre

Situated just a few minutes away from the very busy Westlands Commercial District of Nairobi, stands our Oshwal Centre. Magnificent, superb, stately, state the art… such are the words that are used to describe our Centre by visitors. One just wonders how such a huge, yet so tranquil, place has been built in the busy metropolis of Nairobi.

On any given day, the Centre can accommodate up to 4000 people easily if all facilities are made available. This makes it one of the largest such facilities right in the heart of Nairobi. The Oshwal Centre is a facility is which the highest standards are common practice. You will find no alcohol or non-vegetarian food within the compound. On any given day the centre can easily accommodate up to 4000 people throughout the entire complex. This makes it one of the largest such facilities in East Africa.

The Oshwal centre auditorium is Nairobi’s most modern, comfortable and well equipped facility for performances. The Auditorium has 630 seats in two tiers, a full acoustic chamber, sprung dance floor, a high-tech strand digital lighting system and a BOSE sound system.

Performers are able to use two dressing rooms which can accommodate up to 100 people and they can relax in two green rooms adjacent to the stage. The facility is the perfect choice for events of every description: stage shows, dance performances and music concerts.

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