Prague Exhibition Grounds

The Prague Exhibition Center is a multifunctional space with a long tradition. It covers an area of ​​36 hectares and is dominated by the Art Nouveau Industrial Palace. Due to its considerable interior and exterior possibilities, it is a great and popular opportunity for organizing a variety of cultural, social and entertainment events throughout the year. Thanks to its location close to the center and parking facilities, the exhibition center is very well accessible.

The Exhibition Grounds also include the Lapidarium of the National Museum, Marold's Panorama of the Battle of Lipan, the Křižík Light Fountain, and the Sea World Aquarium. In the vicinity of the Exhibition Grounds there is a large park Stromovka and the Prague Planetarium on the west side. The northern part of the complex is occupied by the lunapark, today the place where the Matějská pilgrimage takes place. 420 702 128 232

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