Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre

Worldwide universal exhibitions EXPO in scale, socio-political and economic significance - unique events, in color, comparable to the Olympic Games. This is a place for the exchange of experience and the embodiment of the spirit of peaceful cooperation. It is no accident that the largest of them are estimated by contemporaries as "the concentration of the most important interests of mankind", "the ideology of the era," "the results of the century." World exhibitions played a certain role in the rapid spread of advanced inventions in the world, expansion of production, growth of trade turnover, improvement of mutual understanding between peoples of different countries.
The decision to participate in the World Exhibitions is taken at the level of each country's governments. Their expositions are usually represented from 150 to 180 countries of the world, and the number of visitors to the world's universal exhibitions EXPO is 40-45 million people. These indicators highlight the EXPO exhibition in terms of its impact on the processes of international integration. Accordingly, the timing of the exhibition is not determined by days or even weeks. Usually the EXPO is held for 3-6 months. 998 71 234 45 45

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