About 5th Digital Pathology & AI Congress Asia 2019

Theme : Delivering Healthcare using Digital Pathology and AI for Improved Patient Management
The image-based information environment is a value adding technology that enables laboratories to work with high efficiency by minimizing human error, enabling redesign of laboratory workflow, reducing lab cost and by increasing inter-connectivity between laboratories as well as scientists.

In view of the current demand in this area, we are proud to announce that the leading Asian digital pathology congress will return to Tokyo on the 2nd & 3rd of April 2019.

This highly respected event is a part of our Digital Pathology series.

For this year’s congress, artificial intelligence/machine learning will be heavily featured as it is already used in a range of disciplines as well as machine learning software which is also being developed for real world use in primary diagnosis, clinical research and other applications.

This 5th Digital Pathology & AI Congress Asia 2019 is aiming to bring together professionals from the field of pathology to give talks on digital pathology and all its current topics and advancements, as well as to foster learning and provoke conversations in all matters related to the subject area.

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