About 7th Annual GCC Healthcare 5.0 Congress

The GCC region committed to positioning as a hub for innovative technology implementation and upgrades in healthcare globally, Digitisation is driving the reform of health systems and their transition to new models of patient-centered care, enabling the shift from hospital-centered systems to more community- based and integrated care organisations. The 7th Annual GCC Healthcare 5.0 Congress, intends to support the ambitious strategic goals and visions of the region to achieve and provide top-class health care.
The Health 5.0 congress will highlight the most imperative themes which focus on Innovation, Digitalisation and Patient experience by utilizing the best of technology to further enhance patients’ healthcare journey, flow and clinical decision, secure sharing of information, digital wellness ,making treatment an exception while focusing on patient outcomes and quality of life.
The two day congress will give you the chance to meet the wider digital health ecosystem and hear from the top notch leaders, policy and decision makers from all over the region who will share and exchange their experience over this cutting edge initiatives, emphasizing on successful examples for regional initiatives and innovative projects, elaborating on the digital transformation that the region is currently going through, while exploring completely new business models and new types of customer engagement with the special focus on patient experience: boosting patient satisfaction, increasing patient engagement, improving care outcomes which has on both quality and economic improvements, what role leadership plays in creating the right culture for patient-centered care, and how to identify, evaluate and prioritize innovations that can quickly touch the lives of patients and practitioners and setting plans for the good of the healthcare future in the GCC region, all these and more will be deliberated through interactive panel discussions, case studies, and live presentations.

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