About Africa Healthcare Extension Summit

Africa Healthcare Extension Summit, 26th & 27th June 2018, Nairobi, Kenya will bring together the various stakeholders in the medical & healthcare ecosystem for an exchange of ideas and best practices to support project development in upgrading, expanding & construction of hospitals across the entire continent.

The summit will be attended by government officials from Ministries of Health across Africa, regulatory bodies, healthcare associations and other stakeholders is designed to discuss sustainable hospital development, regulatory framework, partnerships, local & international case studies, technology development, HR training and skillset enhancement, e-health & healthcare financing, funding & government incentives.

Key issues to be addressed at the initiative include:

Revitalization of health infrastructure, strengthening health service delivery & developing equitable financing mechanisms
Connecting Science, Innovation and Policies to achieve Universal Quality Healthcare
Establishing eHealth standards, rules, and protocols for information exchange and protection
Leveraging ICT to improve the health and social welfare of all citizens
Technology development, standardization, and innovation
Telehealth services
Emerging Solutions at the Intersection of Mobile Money and Health Financing
How flexible funding can drive social enterprise and improved health outcomes

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