About Contraceptive Technology Conference 2018

This year, the Contraceptive Technology conferences focus on best practices. There have been sea-changes in how we think about the very foundations of reproductive health care, from cervical cancer screening to sexual pharmacology, contraceptive counseling, and STI diagnosis and treatment. And we’re shifting care practices at the same time we’re trying to understand how best to operate under the Affordable Care Act.

We’ve selected some of the top experts to present the latest data, strategies, and practice recommendations. We’re excited about two special panels: clinical pearls applied to knotty cases and our own favorite, the LateBreakers on Saturday morning.

In the 5 concurrent sessions, you will have the chance to grapple with challenging cases, try hands-on techniques, or focus on smaller specific topics. If you come a day early to attend one of the preconferences, you will spend a half-day delving more deeply into subjects such as gynecological endocrinology, or STIs, or Selected Practice Recommendations, or learning from two of our best speakers how to prepare a dynamic talk of your own.

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