About Dubai International Nutrition Congress (DINC)

Dubai International Nutrition Congress (DINC) organized by Clinical Nutrition Dept of Dubai Health Authority from last five years will be highlighting the achievements and notable results in the field of Clinical as well as community Nutrition and cater to Dietitians aiming to communicate significant, cutting-edge advances in nutrition research and stimulate discussion on emerging or controversial topics that impact human health.

The event is supported by international associations putting guidelines for nutrition as part of the wellness. DINC not only intends to focus on a wide variety of topics which will be dealt with from different perspectives in order to enrich our attendees’ points of view but at the same time offer platform for regional young and upcoming nutritionists and dieticians a platform to showcase their research and build leadership capacity for better dialogue in the future.

DINC aims to increase the collaborations with private sectors by offering them a wide-range participation opportunity and encourage healthy consumables to participate and showcase the new innovative food options.

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