About Eldercare Exhibition & Conference Asia (ELDEX) 2019

ELDEX is a trade and consumer exhibition that creates an effective marketplace for international silver economy suppliers to meet and engage with Asia Pacific trade visitors and end-users. It will be held in Singapore, a rapidly aging society with close proximity to other emerging silver markets including Malaysia, China, and Japan.

Singapore’s world-class infrastructure and a high degree of airport connectivity make it an accessible destination. ELDEX will organize a hosted buyer program for key high-level regional procurement teams.

ELDEX will feature a one-day medical conference targeting healthcare professionals with continuing medical education provisions. In addition, ELDEX will feature a platform that enables start-ups and technology companies catering to the silver economy to seek funding from foundations, private equity, and venture capitalists.

ELDEX provides opportunities for suppliers to deliver product demonstrations to trade visitors and consumers. Awards will be presented by an independent panel of industry stalwarts on the best products featured at ELDEX.

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