About IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2019

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit is a high-level event aimed at senior decision makers involved in the medical travel, health tourism and international patient market.

Over the past 4 years in Athens, Croatia, Madrid and London, we have proved that it’s possible to deliver a medical travel event that delivers GREAT value to delegates, sponsors and exhibitors.

Now in its fifth year, the Summit will bring together industry leaders to share their knowledge and experience and ensure the long-term development of this industry.

The event in Berlin combines five key elements:

The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit brings together key opinion leaders and senior executives involved in medical travel and healthcare businesses across the world.
The IMTJ Medical Travel Awards celebrate the success of the leading players in medical travel.
The IMTJ – Temos Marketplace provides exhibitors with a great opportunity to meet new customers.
B2B Meetings bring together buyers of medical travel and international patient services with providers and suppliers who are seeking new business opportunities and sources of patient referral.
The 9th annual Temos International Meeting

LaingBuisson, a UK based provider of market intelligence, consulting, data solutions and patient acquisition to international healthcare businesses, and publisher of IMTJ has teamed up with Temos International, the only worldwide independent accreditation body focused on the quality of international patient management from the medical and non-clinical perspectives to widen the appeal of Summit and build on its past success.

The Summit will host the 9th Annual Meeting and training session for Temos partners, as well as the exclusive dinner for Temos-accredited partners “by invitation only” hosted by the Diplomatic Council (DC) and Temos International.

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