About MTaI MedTech Summit 2017

MedTech 2017 Summit will unfold the multifaceted role played by technology in healthcare.
The MedTech 2017 Summit will be a unique medical technology conference. This sector is little understood by the average common man, by the bureaucrats, the policy makers and often by the press. We will demystify the sector by bringing in the doctor, the patient, the policy maker and the industry on the same platform.

People will understand the nuances and the significance of this sector. This sector is known for inpatient recovery and it is one of the three pillars on which a hospital stands. The first pillar is human expertise, second is hospital infrastructure and the third is medical technology. Medical technology is miracle technology as it changes and metamorphosis and the quality of life for the patient.

We will be addressing and unveiling what medical technology does in cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, endoscopic surgery as well as in bariatric surgery.

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