About Novel Biomarkers, TMB and Immuno-Oncology Summit

Global Engage is pleased to announce the Novel Biomarkers, TMB and Immuno-Oncology Summit, to be held on January 31 – February 1 in London, UK.

The field of immuno-oncology offers a revolution in patient treatment and with an expected market value of $100 billion in 2023 it is set to become a vital weapon in the fight against cancer.

Designed for experts in industry and academia working in this growing field, this conference will examine cutting edge research in several exciting and rapidly developing large molecule areas across 4 dedicated tracks.

Talks will look to cover recent advances in antibody technology, including bispecific t cell engagers and monoclonal checkpoint inhibitors, new cancer biomarkers and the potential of the tumor mutational burden as a predictive tool for treatment efficacy, and recent developments in the fields of CAR T and TCR therapy.

Exploring the early stage development of these exciting large molecule immunotherapies, these dedicated tracks will take you through the stages of discovery, engineering, optimization and translational research.

With over 35 individual presentations and 150 expected attendees, this interactive meeting will allow you to keep up to date with the cutting edge of research and provides the opportunity to make connections with industry experts, researchers, investors and businesses in your field.

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