Members of the AABIP believe that there is value in developing focused Chapters to promote awareness of specific interests, gather more grassroots business, improve communication with its members, and increase awareness on what the AABIP does and can do for them.

The Chapters further the purposes of the AABIP at a regional and sector level. Each Chapter represents a specific focus of interest, such as geographic or professional background.

Each Chapter has one leader referred to as a Representative, which is elected by the AABIP members involved in that Chapter.

Chapter Representatives collectively form the Council of Representatives that are the main vehicle through which the AABIP leadership communicates with focused interest Chapters within the membership and in turn, the Chapters keep the AABIP Board of Directors (BOD) and Membership Committee updated regarding their needs as practicing medical providers within the community of interventional chest medicine.

Though having AABIP Chapters is beneficial for the interventional pulmonology community, there is a need for creating standard operating procedures.

This document describes the policies and procedures governing the formation and maintenance of such Chapters. Revisions to these policies and procedures must be approved by the AABIP Executive Committee.

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