China Stationery & Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA)

China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association (CSSGA), approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, set up in Shanghai, October 1989. It is a nation-level industrial association. It originally consists of the productive and sales enterprises for stationery and sporting goods and the institutions for scientific research and education. It is named a cross-sector and cross-region organization. So far CSSGA has enrolled 700 enterprise members around China.CSSGA aims at forming a bridge between government and industries and serves the both sides.

CSSGA’s mission is to protect the common interests of enterprises, to defend the legal rights of members, to take part in drawing up the national standards for the stationery and sporting production and trading, to provide economic, technological and marketing information and data, to promote the positive communication among enterprises and to support firms’ technological innovation. CSSGA regards helping the enterprises out as its responsibilities. 0086-010-68396120

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