Donnor Exhibition Group

Donnor Exhibition, founded in 1996, is a national exhibition and conference institution, specializing in planning, organizing, contracting, on-site serving domestic and international exhibitions and conferences. Its business covers leather, footwear, machine tools, plastics, glasses, surface treatment, environmental technology, automobiles, decorative building materials, furniture, packaging and printing machinery, apparel, hardware, etc.

Donnor Exhibition has set up affiliates in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Milan (Italy), with headquarter in Wenzhou. Since Donnor started international business in 2003, it has built up partnership with exhibition institutions and trade organizations in Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Zambia, France, Pakistan, USA, Brazil, Kenya, Australia, Turkey, etc. In 2012, Donnor expanded to B2C Mode, organized “ECO HOME EXPO” in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai in succession, in order to build a flagship exhibition in home decoration industry over China. 86-577-88902904

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