Concept : topic, target group, USP, scope, date, location, location, control, success management

Finance : budget plan, controlling, pre-financing, subsidy, payment, accounting, tax, insurance, transparency

Logistics : Room concept, Route, Branding, Presentation technology, Media acceptance, Live broadcasting, Simultaneous translation, WLAN, Catering, Staff, Security, Official Carrier, DB Veranstaltungsticket, Hotel

Abstracts : online platform, submission, review, publication, presentation, evaluation, prices

Program : Innovative formats, software-supported programming, intersection check, online platform for contributors, interactive web program, congress app, electronic attendance recording and session evaluation

VIP service : Personal support, registration, travel, hotel, supporting program, guest gifts, fees, costs

Printing & graphics : corporate design, key visual, printing, advertising, digital congress kit

Marketing & PR : Plan of action, website, address database, newsletter, editorial plan, mailing campaigns, online calendars, trade journals, congress content, media co-operation, press, social media, photo documentation

Participation & Certification : online registration, personal care, address management, data protection, payment processing, shipping name plates, registration counter, medical chamber, UEMS, training curricula, conflict of interests, electronic attendance, data transmission, certificates

Events : Evening events, accompanying program, networking, childcare

Industry partner : Participation concept, compliance, registration brochure, acquisition, individual consulting, contracts

Exhibition : exhibition concept, acquisition, industrial insights, CAD-Aufplanung, permits, service manual, collection, onsite support 49 30 893877-10

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