Kyungyon Exhibition Corp, Rm.

Role of Exhibition is very important since they offer opportunities for face-to-face communication and networking. Companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their new products and services in exhibitions, meet people in one place including potential buyers, new prospects, suppliers, advisers and investors.

We, Kyungyon Exhibition Corp. was established in 1982. We've hosted and organized about 350 exhibitions internationally since 1982. We have organized successful-industrial exhibitions by cooperating with government, associations and exhibition centers to make the contribution toward fields.

We had participated in venue architecture, EXPO planning & consulting and dedicated itself to development of exhibition field. We are organizing about 17 International exhibitions a year successfully. As a leading company in exhibition field, Kyungyon Exhibition Corp. & KY Exposition Corp. will exert great effort to contribute more. 82-2-780-4771

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