Every year we organize include nine major exhibitions and over 30 themed days . During our meetings are product- and company presentations, lectures and networking center.

The High Tech Platform enables companies to enhance their technical and commercial network offers members many benefits. Meanwhile, more than 600 companies members of the High Tech Platform.

Mikrocentrum team consists of 47 permanent employees, 140 teachers and 20 other freelance freelancers. Mikrocentrum started in 1968 in Utrecht and is based in Eindhoven since 1976. The main office is at 74 Cross Street in Eindhoven and has a branch in the Beta building on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The organization has since 2008 ISO 9001 certified.

Mikrocentrum supports it:
increasing knowledge
Broadening your network
Improving Business
present your company
strengthen your competitive position
We have a large network of contacts in the industry, the (semi) government and knowledge and educational institutions. Each year 25,000 people participate in our activities.

info@mikrocentrum.nl 31 (0) 40 296 99 11

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