YRG Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRG CARE)

At first, YRG CARE was a one-woman show, with Dr. Solomon addressing audiences that were receptive to her message: school children, community gatherings, civic groups. When there was a need to take care of somebody, she would rent a room in a lodge. Later, friends gave her space in the houses they owned. Eventually, the organization grew large enough to rent the upper storey of a house on Raman Street in the T-Nagar subdivision of Chennai.

This became a nucleus for counseling, HIV and STI testing, community and educational outreach services, and a walk-in clinic for people living with HIV or for those who had reason to believe they could be infected, However, Dr. Solomon now saw people with advanced stages of AIDS and needed in-patient care. After a long and often discouraging search, she finally located a disused building in the Voluntary Health Services (VHS) hospital campus in Taramani, Chennai. The building had once been the leprosy ward of the hospital, which in some ways was fitting because AIDS was “new leprosy.”

info@yrgcare.org +91 98400 69000

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