George Daneker

Chief Medical Officer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

About George Daneker


Key business results include:
• Oversee clinical operations which contributed $7.5M (FY 17) cost savings and revenue enhancement realized through care standardization, distinctive program development, provider staffing optimization, capital equipment selection, and formulary restructuring.
• Built culture of clinical excellence throughout company; instituted clinical pathways and utilization management to drive high reliability care across national chain of 5 medical centers.
• Led development of six cross-function disease-site service lines driving clinical distinctiveness, innovation, research expansion, new programs, and services.
• Led restructuring of physician recruitment; created first system- wide physician leadership development program.
• Revised physician financial reporting, compensation, and contracting; established corporate Medical Group.
• Led revamping of corporate metrics and processes for reporting clinical, financial, and marketing productivity.
• Restructured corporate clinical leadership and research organizations; manage 40+ clinical and non-clinical leaders.
• Opened new specialty-specific regional medical center with 300% new patient growth and superior treatment outcomes; built medical staff of over 200 physicians during first three years of operation.


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