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About Professor Hesham Elghazaly

Professor Hesham Elghazaly is a professor of clinical oncology and head of medical research center (MASRI) Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University. He is a board member of the higher committee against cancer in Egypt and the vice chair of NCCN-MENA breast section and member, as a President of BGICS, in the general assembly of Breast International Group BIG. He is the past head of oncology departments in general organization of teaching hospitals and institutes (GOTHI).

Professor Elghazaly is the founder and president of BGICS "Breast –Gynecological International Cancer Society" which is an organization established to enhance prevention strategy through awareness and early detection, medical education for all oncology-related specialties, establishing patients support programs and initiating or sharing in scientific research.

It represents a committee of the international & national members including all specialties concerned of cancer care dedicated to foster international multidisciplinary collaboration to highlight the updates on evidence-based practice to reach a guideline for the management of breast and gynecological cancers. The BGICC "Breast –Gynecological International Cancer Conference is one of the main activities of the society.

Prof. Elghazaly is the chairman and owner of Alfa cure oncology center which is the first multi-branched European accredited centers for integrated oncology management and palliative care. It is a private center highly equipped and perfectly tailored to achieve the maximum care and cure of cancer patients.


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