Beijing Xin Yuan Hotel

"Xinyuan Innovation Conference" is the main business of the hotel professional projects for enterprises to provide a sound conference services. The conference room is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and innovative indoor technology, as well as a professional conference reception team to provide you with full conference services.

"Xinyuan Innovation Conference" to meet the needs of the meeting of all sizes, 14 meeting rooms and banquet room as you choose. It is an ideal choice for events such as large banquets, business meetings, and Western cocktails.

Meeting venues:
Grand Ballroom (can accommodate 800 people)
Convention and Exhibition Center (can accommodate 6 00 people)
International Conference Hall (which can accommodate up to 30 people)
More than 10 multi-function rooms ( 30 to 80 people)

(86-10) 63901166

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