The COEX Mall was designed by Gensler, a global architectural designer, with the concept of 'Unfolding Sky' to maximize the openness and connectivity of space . Five plazas with a special concept, a copper line design considering human flow, and a space design that maximizes the use of natural light provide a mood different from that of existing shopping malls and ease of use.
Total area165,000㎡
Number of stores: Retail 204, F & B 91, Other 4 (post office, blood donation house, megabox, aquarium) COEX Mall, the COEX language, in order to highlight the new 'culture platform identity of nonverbal represent a symbol collaboration with - the of the partnership meant
introduced as a graphic motif .
In addition, 5 plazas representing the COEX Mall are given symbols that match their respective characteristics.
The X symbol of COEX Mall goes beyond the conventional fixed logo mark concept and adopts the variant logo method which can utilize the transformation according to the purpose and situation.

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