Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

At The Cosmopolitan, every detail is an expression of your event’s objectives.
The Cosmopolitan’s sales and curatorial teams begin by learning about the purpose of your meeting. We then work with you to create an event that brings that purpose to life. We help you design the environment, select entertainment, and craft menus that align with the goals of your meeting and set the desired mood for your attendees.
We brief our staff on the particulars of your meeting so your attendees will have a seamless experience. Our focus on bringing your purpose to life ensures an event that generates excitement in advance and fosters memories afterward.

A broad selection of meeting room types allows The Cosmopolitan to accommodate groups from 10 to 5,000.
The property’s vertical design minimizes time spent in transit. Our two guest towers are situated directly above the three floors of Las Vegas conference centers and meeting rooms, and strategically-placed elevators and escalators allow for quick and convenient transition from meeting time to leisure time. 1 702-698-7000

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