Dalarna University, Falun

Our research is about health and welfare factors for people of all ages and life situations. About 50 researchers and a group of doctoral students are active in the research profile and engage in several subjects.

One example is the research on the health of children and adolescents. There we research a number of different health-affecting factors during the period from the fetal stage until the child enters adult life.

A particularly exciting part of this research is about how cultural factors affect New Zealand's health during pregnancy, childbirth and during childhood and adolescence. We also conduct research on how older people can preserve their health with increasing age.

Another very important part of our research aims to understand more about how new advanced knowledge is gained in practical application and to be of real benefit to human health and well-being.

Our research work is conducted in close cooperation with various activities in Dalarna, and we also have a well-developed collaboration with prominent researchers in other parts of Sweden and globally.

We work closely with society's actors in the health and welfare sector, which means that we constantly research issues and challenges that are concrete and relevant.

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