Taipei World Trade Center

In the 1970s, China's export-oriented economy grew rapidly. On the basis of the development trend, the government planned to build four buildings with four functions, namely, commodity display, trade service, conference service and hotel catering, namely the exhibition building , The International Trade Building, the International Convention Center and the Grand Hyatt Hotel, together constitute a fully functional four-in-one complex, known as the Taipei World Trade Center, engaged in international trade to provide the most convenient and most complete services.

Taiwan's best exhibition space, with an area of ​​20,000,450 square meters, is planned for A, B, C and D, and can accommodate 1,300 standard exhibition booths. In addition to the Taipei International Exhibition Center, Use of exhibitions. Each year more than 15 Taipei International Exhibition and 64 foreign exhibitions are held here to bring millions of visitors to the crowd and live up to the surrounding business district and industrial development. The use of this exhibition is very high year. 886-2-27255200

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