The K-HOSPITAL FAIR has been held since 2014 in order to foster the domestic hospital medical industry and promote overseas advancement. The K-HOSPITAL FAIR has been held from September 27 to 29, 2017 K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2017 “will be a very meaningful event to look at the present and future of medical industry in Korea and the development of medical field in advanced foreign countries.

This fair was organized by hospital medical personnel and we did our best to reflect and meet the needs of hospitals and industry as much as possible. In addition, since this is a healthcare exhibition hosted by the Hospital Association, we are able to provide more contents and information and meet the needs of the industry. K-HOSPITAL FAIR is more than 87% of visitors to the exhibition are medical workers. In addition to the hospitals, doctors and nurses who are hard to meet, purchasing and users can meet the decision makers in one place.

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